Superior Beer Technology: Clean Beer Technology, Superior Pipe Cleaning

About Us

Superior Beer Technology, the parent company of Clean Beer Technology and Superior Beer Pipe Cleaning, has been offering the best in beverage line cleaning services since 1972. We proudly serve the greater New York City metropolitan area, Long Island, and surrounding locations – providing high quality, and efficient beer, soda and wine installations, cleaning services and repairs for both commercial and private accounts. Our team has over 4 decades of combined experience in all aspects of beverage lines and tap equipment installations and maintenance service.

At Superior Beer Technology, we know the value of clean beverage lines, and how they can directly relate to happy customers and increased sales.

Micromatic Dispense Institute Certified

Our experienced, Micromatic Dispense Institute Certified technicians have the latest in high-tech, sanitization equipment and industry knowledge to clean your lines and ensure delicious pours every time! Superior Beer Technologies offers the best customer service and all we leave behind are properly flushed beverage system, whether for beer, wine or soda.

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Contact us today, and keep the drinks flowing and profits growing with our state-of-the-art beverage line cleaning services. We are on standby during emergency situations too! Give us a call anytime. Call Us Today at 718-429-1414